Fuck, Marry, Murder

I decided to release this album from 7 years ago. It all started when I was searching for all my old music from various bands to try to get some sort of organization in on my stuff. (By “stuff”, I mean “that one hard drive that contains 2TB of a mix of random files from several failed hard drives, much of it corrupt data”.) That’s when nostalgia started taking over.
I came across these songs that I had made under the performing name “The Studio Band Headliner” and I decided, “What the hell?” and pushed the publish button.

Fuck, Marry, Murder – The Studio Band Headliner

It probably won’t mean very much to the average listener, but it’s a nice little touch of teenage angst, inspired by other artists from the 2000s. I think if you listen really closely, you might be able to hear the sound of a pair of skinny jeans giving out at the seams as I try to hold still while I put on some eyeliner. Just kidding, I was already through that stage in 2009. Here are a few tracks for your enjoyment (?):